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Welcome to my Tumblr Blog! You can call me Ru! :)

I am looking for any stores who may be willing to sponsor my blog. I currently have 473 followers but I am working very hard on making that number increase! If you are interested then please message me! I don’t bite! :)

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Item(s): ♥︎ | Shop: Asian fashion SpaceEnter the discount code "linausagii" for a 10% OFF ♡


    Item(s): ♥︎ | Shop: Asian fashion Space
    Enter the discount code "linausagii" for a 10% OFF ♡

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White Sleeveless Embroidered Ruffle Organza Dress from Sheinside

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    White Sleeveless Embroidered Ruffle Organza Dress from Sheinside

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  • sketchdream:

mikoshiba’s body sketch (︶▽︶)


    mikoshiba’s body sketch (︶▽︶)

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“o(=·ェ·=)m" by 琴が死んで


    o(=·ェ·=)m" by 琴が死んで

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                          「RIRII’S RANDOM FASHION GIVEAWAY」

    So, I just decided to start a random Giveaway, since I’m really bored and I’ve never done this before! O(≧∇≦)O

    Don’t judge me if anything is wrong, it’s my first Giveaway, like I said. Leave some feedback instead! (´ω`★)

    Things you can win:

    ▪ The Dream of Lolita Surgary Carnival JSK (Limited Edition) from *QutieLand* - the color is up to you!

    ▪ Any Circle Lenses you can think of, just pick 2 pairs of Lenses from PinkyParadise and I will order them for you!

    ▪ Or ANYTHING you can think of from Romwe, up to $100! It’s your own decision what you are gonna take!

    Just tell me whatever of these prices you would love to get. There can be up to 3 winners!

    My Rules:

    ▪ Must be following (mbf) me. (I sure will take my time to check out the followers)

    ▪ Reblogs AND likes count, you can also reblog multiple times for more entries. (up to 20 entries each person)

    ▪ Shipping is international, I pay the shipping for every country.

    ▪ The winner will be choosen by random.org.

    ▪ Giveaway- or sideblogs are not allowed. (I will check them out)

    ▪ The Giveaway will end at the 1st of Januar.

    ▪ It’ll only count if this reaches 5000 notes till September.

    So, what else to say? Good luck everyone, I hope you like my first Giveaway and can leave some nice feedback or critic!

    Happy sharing! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

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  • ikillyouwithmykawaiipower:


    So this is my second giveaway and im so excited (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    You can win 

    ~  a black cute wing bag 

    ~ a cute rilakkuma pyjama (please tell me your size)

    ~ a alpacasso ( you can choose from 4 colors blue , pink , white and rainbow)

    Its 53 cm large

    ~ One wig with ponytails (please choose your color)

    Rules :

    ~ mbf me ( i will check)

    ~ Reblog as many times as you want (for multiple entries) , likes count too

    ~ i ship international 

    ~ no giveaway or side blogs

    ~ Winner will be choosen by random.org

    ~ Ends on August , 30th

    ~ The Giveaway will only count if the notes hit 3k

    Good luck everyone! :3

    EDIT : If you follow this and this blog will get 5 more entries.

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  • sketchdream:

haru’s body sketch (︶▽︶)


    haru’s body sketch (︶▽︶)

    (via mangastories)

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    Welcome to blog. you're at THE PRINCESS's palace. I always reblog things that are interesting for me. You are free to follow if you think me and my posts are interesting. And for the last, I love Hello Kitty!

    Anyway, this layout is best viewed in 1024 x 768 resolution. It has also been tested in IE.


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